Welcome to Castle Country Academics.  We are a state licensed early childhood development center for children ages               2 through 6.  We welcome children regardless of race, religion, gender, or national origin.  We are conveniently located near Castle Elementary, Castle Middle Schools North & South, and Castle High School.  We are funded by private tuition and participate in the voucher program.

Mission Statement

Castle Country Academics is dedicated to providing quality learning experiences and positive social interactions while focusing on the whole child during early childhood development.

Educational Philosophy

 Castle Country Academics (CCA) is dedicated to providing an environment that will help a child gain the most out of their learning potential.  We believe that preschool and kindergarten are the staging areas for the rest of a child’s educational experiences.  We understand the importance of planning experiences that will create a profile of intelligences within each child’s uniqueness and talents.  Finally, and most importantly, Castle Country Academics is committed to serving the whole child, mind, spirit, and body.