Benefits of PRESCHOOL

Preschool is important as it gives young children an opportunity to live in a classroom community, follow a routine and get along with people who are not their relatives. Interacting with children means learning to wait, share, take turns and listen. Contact with other children also develops important social skills critical to a developing personality.

Another advantage to preschool is your child begins acquiring the basics for academic learning. Foundations are laid for children to grasp phonics and reading skills through music and poetry. Sand and water play form understanding of basic math concepts and scientific investigation. Dramatic play develops language and expression. Building blocks develop problem solving skills. These foundations become stepping stones preparing your child for school and their world to come. (Source:

Castle Country Academics offers a full academic day to allow your child to completely benefit from quality educational experiences. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our program, please click below for an application.

Student Teacher Ratio for this program: 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 year old 7:1, 3 year old 10:1 and 4 year old 12:1

Benefits of Full-Day KINDERGARTEN

Indiana Department of Education reports students attending full-day Kindergarten show significantly greater progress in literacy, math, general learning skills and social skills. Parents and educators testify that full-day programs are less rushed and extend learning opportunities flexible to students individual needs. School corporations in Indiana reveal full-day kindergarten students performed significantly better on the CTBS that half-day kindergarten students in third, fifth and seventh grades. (Source:

Students at Castle Country Academics benefit from small class size, one-on-one teacher interaction, an accelerated curriculum to jumpstart their educational career and time to experience hands-on learning. Your child will be well prepared for his/her entrance into the first grade. If you are interested in your child growing with Castle Country Academics, click below for a full-day Kindergarten application.

Student Teacher Ratio for this program 15:1