The most important factor at CCA is a safe, secure, loving and orderly environment for your child.  Each classroom has daily goals and objectives that are essential to child development for growth, curiosity, formation of character, and brain development.  We have a teaching staff with sound character and who know the material and what is age appropriate to impart knowledge and skills.  CCA has strong leadership with vision and an attitude of high expectations toward learning.  We work hand in hand with you to give your child the same experiences you would provide if they were in your charge during the same hours.

 Educational Goals for Preschool (Ages 2 ½ – 3 ½)   Some goals and objectives for children in first group experiences…

  • Be curious and eager to learn
  • Feel Secure
  • Build caring relationships with other children/adults
  • Be capable of self-regulation
  • Develop large and small motor skills
  • Use words to express wants and needs
  • Gain control of toilet skills
  • Respond to directions
  • Begin recognition of shapes, colors, letters, numbers, puzzles
  • Develop listening skills through music

 Educational Goals for Pre-K  (ages 3 ½ – 4 ½ )    Some goals and objectives for older group experiences…

  • Interested and curious about learning
  • Separate from parents with ease
  • Participates in group activities
  • Plays appropriately with peers
  • Listens and follows simple, then multiple directions
  • Be capable of self-regulation
  • Develop large motor skills such as running, jumping, skipping
  • Develop fine motor skills such as holding crayons, glue sticks, scissors, working puzzles
  • Cognitive Development – knows basic colors, shapes, positional words, completes simple patterns, and recognizes some letters and numbers.
  • Verbally communicates wants and needs
  • Communication and language are encouraged
  • Engaged in a variety of concrete learning experience
  • Cognitive development – identifying letters and some words, developing math skills, engaging in may interesting books
  • Learning print concepts by holding crayons, pencils, and cutting with scissors correctly

Educational Goals (ages 4 ½ -5 ½ )**  Some goals and objectives for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten group experiences…

  • Self-reliant.  Willing to separate from parents
  • Take care of personal needs
  • Risk taking within boundaries
  • Works and plays cooperatively
  • Follows classroom rules and procedures.  Uses appropriate behavior inside and outside classroom
  • Attends to a task over a period of time
  • Becoming self-sufficient reciting birth date, telephone number, and house address
  • Learning language concepts, such as letter sounds, sight words and word families, print concepts, and beginning to become independent readers
  • Learning math concepts, such as identifying numbers and number words, matches sets of objects one-to-one, graphs information, understands patterns, rote counts, learns addition and subtraction facts
  • Learning science concepts by being inquisitive, a critical thinker, problem solving

 **Indiana State guidelines require that a child must be 5 years of age on or before August 1st of the year of enrollment to enter Kindergarten.